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A survival game, is loved and played by many players worldwide. It is a wonderful combination of crafting and mining, and you are expected to hold out for as long as possible to emerge a winner and be regarded as a Master Builder. This is a multiplayer game that can be played in fullscreen mode from a PC browser. Find out how the fullscreen game works.

What is is a game in which you have to kill many adversaries and escape unhurt mine resources and use them to construct protective structures. The structures can shield you from the bullets and attacks of 99 other players. In this 100-player game, you are expected to start with a pickaxe to find and gather metal, wood, bricks, etc, so as to build a wall and fortification that can last despite many attacks.

Keep in mind that you have a destructible defense, and your wall can be pierced by the adversaries with several shots or blows. If you wish to improve your structure, you have to gather more resources to build strong walls and strengthen the area. fullscreen

Once you collect enough resources, it is possible for you to construct from all these materials. You have to press Q to be able to enter the construction mode. If you want to change your construction material, you need to click your right mouse button. You need to be extra cautious, given that when you mine and construct, there is a big risk for you to suffer death way ahead of time. is a game with a really big map and needs to be well adapted. If you can concentrate on the game and play the game on full screen, you will definitely succeed. Thus, we can say that fullscreen is a good tactic to kill other players easily.

What Can You Expect from Fullscreen?

You can click the blue button ‘Fullscreen’ that is located at the top of your game page on the browser. The fullscreen game lets you enjoy the graphics and ambiance much better, and get the chance to view other players, objects, weapons, and almost everything across the map more clearly. It will be easier for you to avoid being killed.

The game belongs to the Battle Royale category, and you can be strained from time to time due to the red zone. You have to escape for some time in the other way, so as to be able to save yourself from the radioactive radiation. The fullscreen mode allows you to avoid being hit by surprise, as you have the ability and advantage to see everything with more clarity and vividness than your small smartphone screen would allow you. You can increase your performance in the game by watching videos.

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