Apk Game apk is a new .io game where you are expected to survive in a 100-player gaming ambiance that lets you fight all other players as a foe and build your own defensive structures to safeguard yourself. The game is available for Android players as apk application for Android mobile phones. You can download the apk onto your own Android smartphone and play the game just as much as you like.

About Game

A game of survival, is to be played in the style of Battle Royale – in which you have to set up protective walls to defend yourself. You can construct structures to set up more obstacles for your foes. You require a small number of resources in order to achieve this. When the game starts, you can have a stock of construction materials ready with you. You can obtain extra resources if you wish to construct even more. You should get more by using the pick. apk

Gathering resources needs you to collect metal bars on your way, smash huge rocks to get bricks for construction of fortifications, cut pine trees down to obtain wood, and more. All these can be very assistive for you while playing the game. has vivid graphic design, and you can get the feel of being in a hardcore battle – complete with a fierce gunfight.

There are plenty of opponents and you need to kill them all one by one using smarts, strategies, and firepower. You need to improve your firepower constantly by picking the right weapons that are scattered all through the map. Before the time comes to an end, you have to escape the playing area.

To play on mobile, you must download the Buildroyaleio mobile add-on. The apk is a great way to play the game while you are relaxing on the couch, or commuting to your school or office, or even while you have nothing better to do. You can play this game everywhere with your mobile phone.

How to Get Apk?

The apk is available for download from Google Play, as well as a few other websites on the internet. This Android gaming app is presently in its 1.0 version and needs you to have a compatible device that runs Android 4.3 or higher. It is very easy to download and install this app, which takes just a few minutes to be set up. The Android app has good graphics and offers a very enjoyable game-playing experience that is likely to stay with you for a long time to come.

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