Wiki List wiki wiki is a page or platform that shares information about the game with users for free. If you are not familiar with the game, it would be advantageous to visit the wiki page. is a unique game that involves fascinating gameplay. Players get to play with the unique features; shooting as well as building castles in the game. The main objective of all the players is the same throughout the game survival. Each player should survive till the last to emerge as the winner. Though it is quite easy to understand the main concept of the game, players struggle to understand the rules and regulations of the game. Game

Do you also find it difficult to play the game? No worries, now! There is an entire Wikipedia page of the game. If you are faced with issues regarding gameplay, weapons, and controls of the game, go to the game’s Wiki Page.

The wiki platform explains all the essential information regarding the game. has many different types of weapons and bullets.

First of all, you have to find the weapon you use best in the game. Below are all the weapons and the amount of damage they cause to enemies.

  • LMG – 20 Damage
  • UMP – 10 Damage
  • Scar H – 35 Damage
  • Scoped Assault Rifle – 30 Damage
  • AR-15 – 30 Damage
  • Sniper – 200 Damage
  • Shotgun – 130 Damage
  • Pickaxe – 20 Damage
  • Hunting Rifle – 90 Damage
  • Heavy Shotgun – 100 Damage
  • SMG – 10 Damage wiki Wiki

Fandom runs the wiki page of the game. There are multiple tabs of the game. These tabs are below:

1. Wiki Popular Pages

This is a tab that contains three sub-sections. These three sub-sections are a. important articles regarding game, books, and albums. These three sections increase the knowledge of the players to a greater extent.

1.      The community of Game

There is a large community of the game. Adults play with international friends in the game as well as family friends. So, they can connect with their international friends and family friends on a great platform, which are Community pages of the game. They can read about the various blog posts regarding their favorite game as well as discuss interesting features of the game.

2.      Discuss

There is a separate page regarding the discussion of the game. If you are unable to learn about the gameplay of the game from written rules, you can discuss them with expert players. Those players can give you handy tips and detailed information regarding the game.

3.      Explore

There is also a tab present on the game, which is to Explore. Players get to explore different information regarding the game on the wiki platform. For instance, players can search random pages, videos, and images of the game on Fandom game.

If you want to avail information regarding the best team of game, go to the page. Read about the best teams, and join the best team for having great fun. If you are having trouble accessing at your school or workplace, you can use unblocked 2021 version.

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